Inagrab … One of Tech Startups Supported by SeedFuel Rowad Program

SeedFuel Rowad is an entrepreneurial funding program by Bahrain Development Bank. It is a pioneer accelerator program in Bahrain, providing startups at seed an early stages with coaching, mentoring, training, access to investors and networks, special startup services and perks, and up to BHD25,000 in equity investment funding.

Inagrab is one of the startups supported by SeedFuel program. Inagrab is an artificially intelligent deal assistant that optimizes the online seller performance by recommending where to capitalize using real time market data.

The online platform also helps you get its data from the most reliable resources and it displays them to you in a way that makes your life easier.

Hussain Mohamed Ali, Co-Founder and CEO of Inagrab talks about how the SeedFuel helped them kick off their business. “Inagrab was just an idea when we approached the SeedFuel program. We were able to create an MVP in a very quick pace in order to present and potentially secure a pre-seed investment. The SeedFuel program gave us access to much needed funds to evolve our business into what it is today, and allowed us to comfortably pivot when we saw the need to. We also love the access to the coaches and mentors plusthe team understands our unstable and constantly changing nature as startup founders.

Mr Ali said his business achieved many milestones with the support of the SeedFuel program. “We were able to create better versions of our initial app (which we consider a vanity addition to our current platform), and we were also able to identify several market gaps and re-iterate into launching something that actually satisfies these gaps today, without sacrificing the aspect of potential scalability on an international level since that was a very interesting side of our product then. Some figures were over 100k installs on our app, and over 40 stores connected to our pilot phase of the market intelligence/sales module we launched.

He added, “The SeedFuel program is a fantastic step forward, sure it does need some more work to make it even better in terms of speed and the likes, but I believe the entire team are doing a great job for such a new initiative in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and with the program being one of the pioneers in the country, it’s setting grounds for more and more of these programs to launch locally and support the local talent that deserves it. As we all know, technology is one of the major drivers of the global economy today, and it is a constantly evolving thing.

Mr. Ali said that he definitely recommends the SeedFuel program to his acquaintances. “I actually have recommended it to many acquaintances for a couple of reasons: The first one is that it gives you access to pre-seed investment which is highly needed, and the second reason is that it provides you with mentorship and access to the Kingdom’s entire ecosystem.

Mr. Ali said that Inagrab is aspiring to become the provider of a “Unicorn” product coming out of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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