Value Added Tax (VAT)


Effective 1st January 2019, Value Added Tax (VAT) has been introduced in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

VAT is required to be levied and charged by businesses that are registered for VAT in Bahrain.

In general, most supplies of goods and services are taxable at the standard rate unless they are specifically zero-rated, exempt or out of scope.

BDB’s charges will be subject to VAT, in accordance with the Bahrain VAT policies.

The Ministry of Finance & National Economy issued Decree-Law No. 48 for the Year 2018 regarding Value Added Tax (the VAT Law), which provides the main rules and principles relating to VAT in Bahrain.

The VAT law and the Executive Regulations (ER) are available at along with the necessary clarification and guidelines under the publication tab.

Bahrain Development Bank B.S.C. has registered with the National Bureau for Revenue (“NBR”) for VAT purposes.

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