An E-Cheque is not different from a paper cheque. E-Cheque converts the paper to an electronic record for easier & faster transactions while maintaining all other features.

Also there is no difference between the paper and electronic cheque in terms of its usage and legal power. It only replaces the paper with an electronic record while maintaining all its current features and functionalities.

E-Cheques are safer and secure. It cannot be lost, stolen, or counterfeit.

How to register on E-cheque with BDB

If you are a business/corporate customer then you shall approach one of our branches and fill in the application form for your company and the authorized signatories of the company.

Upon completing the registration you shall download E-Cheque App and activate your account. Also you can use the service through E-cheque portal.

If you are a retail customer (for educational loans and fisheries & agricultural loans) then you can enroll to E-Cheque using BenefitPay. Register your IBAN and activate your account at BenefitPay instantly.

For more information, please visit E-cheque’s Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQs)

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