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In line with The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 to promote economic diversification and reduce the Kingdom’s dependency on hydrocarbon sector, and as part of BDB’s continued efforts to assist entrepreneurs and the private sector, the Investment Division works closely with the Banking Division to identify opportunities and offer a complete platform for entrepreneurs consisting of a wide variety of products and services including Equity, Credit Facilities, Advisory Services and Incubation.

Investment Division of the Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) supports the bank’s mission to accelerate the development of local small and medium enterprises in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Investments can be made at different levels of a firm’s business cycle, including establishment and growth stage, focusing primarily on businesses with opportunity to be leaders in a fragmented market, firms with potential for going international, and those with high commitment from both its owners and management.

Bahrain Development Bank’s portfolio is mainly focused on healthcare, manufacturing, food security, financial institutions, logistics, technology and technology enabled companies. The bank is keen to support businesses that promote import substitution, export opportunities, job creation, value addition and attract foreign investment.

How BDB can help to grow your business?

BDB leverages extensive experience in different industries which includes a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing small and medium size company in Bahrain. Additionally, the director nominated by the bank on the board of the investee companies supports and guides the company achieve its full potential and reach it’s goals.

The Investment Division provides minority interest equity which is typically up to 20% of the paid-up equity share capital as a shareholder into private companies as means of funding.

Sitra Mall

Sitra Mall was established in 2006 by Government of Bahrain and managed by the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban planning former municipality title. In 2014, management of the mall was transferred to Bahrain Development Bank. The bank aims to enhance the commercial viability of the mall and prosper the mall as the prime location within the surrounding area.

Sitra Mall is a community mall over 23,000 square meters of leasable area.

Bahrain Development Bank has also initiated the refurbishment and revitalization plan scheduled to begin by the end of 2021. The goals of the revitalization plan are:

  • Generate further income to support SME ecosystem
  • Increase occupancy
  • Draw a better and stronger tenant base
  • Increase footfall
  • Better serve the surrounding area of the mall.

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