BDB SMS Service

The BDB SMS service presents a new channel to engage with the bank, enabling clients to receive important information about their bank accounts and financing facilities instantly. Current active functionalities include the following, with more to come:

  • Bank Account Statements
  • Bank Account Balance
  • Financing Facility Details
  • General Info

List of Functionalities

To use the service, simply send a message to 81666 using your BDB registered mobile number with one of the following options:

Service Description SMS Format Example
Bank Account Statement Soft copy of your bank account statement for the last 30 days sent to your registered email address STMT < space> 10 Digit A/C Number STMT 1234567891
Bank Account Balance The actual and available balance of your current account with BDB BAL < space> 10 Digit A/C Number BAL 1234567891
Financing Facility Details Details of your BDB finance facility including balance, maturity date, installment amount, next installment due date and past dues LN < space> 16 Digit BDB Facility Number LN 1234567891234567
General Information General information on the bank’s office hours and locations INFO INFO
Help To list available features on SMS HELP or HLP HELP or HLP

Notes on How to use the SMS Service

  • Make sure your mobile number and email address is updated
  • Use your registered mobile number when sending requests on your account
  • To update your mobile number, please see a BDB representative at any of BDB’s branches
  • To update your email address, you may do so via SMS through the following steps:

Email Registration via SMS

Send a message to 81666 with the following format: EMAILyour email address. Upon successful delivery, a BDB representative will call you within BDB working hours to confirm your details and update your account.

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