of Tech Startups Supported by SeedFuel Rowad Program

Seed Fuel Rowad is an entrepreneurial funding program by Bahrain Development Bank. It is a pioneer accelerator program in Bahrain, providing startups at seed and early stages with coaching, mentoring, and training, access to investors and networks, special startup services and perks, and up to BHD 25,000 in equity investment funding.

“” is one of the startups supported by SeedFuel program. “” is an online millennial recruitment platform in the MENA region. They help employers find exceptional personalities for their job opportunities by matching them on the basis of culture fit & personality fit for the team.

Mahmood Zeyad, Co-Founder of talks about how the SeedFuel helped them to start his business “The SeedFuel program helped us take our business from a concept and idea that was being tested in the market to an actual fully fledged business that’s growing. The cohesive approach of the program from funding to connections with mentors and valuable coaches has enabled us to be more critical and strategic of our decisions.

When asked about the milestone they have achieved by the support of the SeedFuel program Mr. Zeayd said “Scaling the business, and being a recognized platform for employment of young people in Bahrain, while also setting up plans and action steps to expand out of Bahrain.

“The SeedFuel program plays a big role in supporting up and coming tech businesses in Bahrain by providing a proper amount of funding to help set up these businesses and establish them properly in Bahrain. It’s role in the ecosystem plays as an enabler and a driver. Specifically when it comes to any entrepreneur who has a viable MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the program is designed to help escalate those efforts and grow more tech startups around Bahrain” he added.

He also recommends the Seed Fuel-Rowad program to entrepreneurs with a tech idea “It’s usually the first program I recommend if it’s a tech idea with potential. First reason is that it’s not just funding, that’s one part of it, there’s also the support and mentorship you get through the Rowad team and their network of partners. Second, it’s the open communication and clarity of procedures when it comes to applying for this program. The Rowad team had proven more than once how approachable they are and how open they are to questions and feedback when it comes to the process of taking part of the program. This isn’t your average VC experience, and that’s great for early stage businesses.

The future plans to Going regional across the Middle East, and increasing their reach in Bahrain within culture hiring.

Last Updated: 25 Dec 2018

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Last Updated: 16 Jan 2023

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